Handicapping the Elemental Winter Bouldering Competition

Indoor bouldering competitions have been a staple of Wyoming winters for more than ten years. The mostly informal Wyoming Bouldering Series takes place each winter and features at least one competition in several different towns. The Lander competition is the smallest venue in the state, but frequently sees the most intense competition.

For several years, the men’s comp ended up being a head-to-head fight between local legend and all-around talent BJ Tilden and Casper’s indoor climbing specialist, Colby Frontiero. In the past couple of years, though, the tides have changed. The aging Tilden has been dogged by injury and a hectic work schedule and hasn’t been competing well. Frontiero and his wife welcomed a new baby to their lives last year, and well, you know what that means.

Needless to say, the torch looks like it’s due to be passed. Young, strong Chris Marley is poised to be one of the best boulderers in the country. Zack “The Human Lat” Rudy has won eight of the last nine comps he’s entered. And there’s fresh talent in Casper and Laramie. Here are my odds on who’ll come out on top during Saturday’s comp.

BJ Tilden 1:1 Hey, hes not that old. It’s his home turf…hell, he built the wall.

Zack Rudy 3:2 Zack’s weakness is that he likes BJ. If he can tap into some of BJ’s take-no-prisoners, ruthless competitiveness, you can bet he’ll come out the winner.

Chris Marley Chris isn’t competing this year as his work schedule conflicted with the comp.

Colby Frontiero Colby will be setting for the comp. He admitted to me in strict confidence that he felt like his best days were behind him and he’s gained weight…so it’s for the best that he’s not competing.

Micah Rush 4:1 This guy just gets stronger. Sure he can crush the Cirque traverse, redpoint a few 5.13s, and ski the Grand Teton, but can he pull out a win?

Danny Baker 3:1 Danny has been getting better and better with each year. With a solid season of hard sends under his belt and a recently updated Facebook profile picture, he’s a real contender.

Tony Stark 2:1 Holy crap this guy is strong. ‘Nuff said.

Vance White 15:1 He’s won before. It’s been a busy year for Vance and he usually does better later in the spring, but crazier things have happened.

Tom Rangitsch 12:1 He’s 40, but climbing the best he ever has. Will he have to work that night?

Justin Iskra 4:1 I have no idea how he’ll do, but I wouldn’t bet against a top three. Will he, too, have to work?

Ben Sears 21:2 A dark horse, but a clear contender for a top five. The big question is whether he wasted the fall trying to redpoint hard routes when he should have been in the gym training for this.

Jesse Brown 7:1 A former director of the WBS, Jesse could win this thing. Especially if no one else on the list shows up.

Ryan Haydel 10:1 If the problems are hard to read and thuggish, this guy will be in the top five. Another one that gets better each year.

Kevin Wallingford 20:1 This strong man has been dogged by injury this year. Can he overcome it and place?

Sam Lightner 98:1 He’s too old and just doesn’t have it anymore. Who knows he might just pull off a Brett Favre. I mean the comeback part, not the taking inappropriate pictures part…

Tim Long 3:1 Will he show?

David Lloyd 5:1 He literally wrote the book on bouldering, but has work sucked the life from him?


On the women’s side, things are harder to predict. The competition has been inconsistent the past couple of years, but there are some really exciting new faces to watch out for.

Ashley Lloyd 3:2 If she competes, bet on her to do well. If ever there was someone who was born with kevlar tendons, this is the one.

Emmy Voigt 1:1 Emmy rarely enters a competition she doesn’t win. It’s really hard to bet against her.

Becca Roseberry 3:1 Becca has been focusing on endurance redpointing which doesn’t transfer well to indoor problems. If nothing else, she’ll be going strong for the whole evening.

Anna Junker 2:1 Another strong one, Anna has a great depth of skills and can figure out some tough sequences.

Katie Rice 8:1 Has she spent too much time outside on the rock? Can she get focused enough to win? We’ll see on Saturday.

 Cari Faye Antonovich 3:1 This girl is another up-and-comer. Last year she took 2nd. Can she move up?



Learn to Climb with BJ Tilden

This summer, Elemental is offering an incredible opportunity to learn to rock climb. We’ll be offering two full Learn To Climb courses, one for adults and one for children ages 8 to 15. These courses will be taught by Lander’s own BJ Tilden, recognized as one of the top rock climbers in America.

These courses will be held on Saturdays each week for 4 weeks. The classes begin June 2nd. Kids climb from 9-11am, adults from 12-2pm.

Classes cost $120 and include all equipment.

These classes will be limited to 10 students per phase, so preregistration is required. Please call Ellen at 332-0480 if you have any questions or  email her at ellen@elementalgym.com

Elemental’s Training Program Design Seminar

This spring, we are offering a day-long intensive program design seminar for serious athletes and coaches. In this 8 hour session, we will cover:

  • Our training philosophy and program style
  • The fundamentals of periodized (planned) training programs
  • How to design training programs for strength, weight management, and specific endurance events
  • Practical application of strength training
  • Nutritional strategies for performance and for fat loss
  • Movement preparation and warm-up strategies
  • Our programming template, including how to design strength, metabolic, and interval workouts
  • Exercise selection, progression, and modifications
  • Coaching small groups and personal training fundamentals

Participation in the class will include both lecture time and hands-on workout time. Attendees should have a basic knowledge of strength training movements and be fit enough to participate in 2+ hours of intense training during the course. Coaches participating in this event are eligible for 0.8 CEUs through the NSCA.

Cost for this seminar is $299. Preregistration is required. Please contact steve@elementalgym.com with any questions.

Elemental’s Ten-Course Thanksgiving Workout

Elemental Performance + Fitness welcomes you to come in for a fabulous Thanksgiving morning workout. From 9am to 11am, we’ll be serving up a ten-part workout. This class is FREE and open to the public. Come in for the whole thing, or just a small part of it. Plan on training core, mobility, and anaerobic endurance in a workout the uses everything from battling ropes to kettlebells to sandbags. The session is scalable to any fitness level, so feel free to bring your out-of-shape father-in-law along.We’ll also be offering free childcare for children ages 4 and up. Please give us a call if you plan to bring the kids so we know how many to expect.

Questions? call us at 332-0480.

Kettlebell Athletics at Elemental January 14 2012

We’re pleased to announce Jason C. Brown of Kettlebell Athletics will be holding a Level 1 Kettlebell Certification for Fitness Professionals at Elemental in January.

With over 1000 certified trainers in numerous countries the Kettlebell Athletics’ Kettlebell Certification for Fitness Professionals is one of the top kettlebell certifications in the world.

Personal trainers, fitness professionals and strength and conditioning specialists from all areas of the world are attending the Kettlebell Certification for Fitness Professionals to develop and master essential kettlebell exercises and skills and learn how to implement kettlebell training with other training options for complete overall development and success.

More than just another kettlebell training workshop or seminar, the Kettlebell Training Certification Program is designed to ensure that you learn, observe, practice and implement safe and effective kettlebell training techniques.



For more information on this event, please contact steve@elementalgym.com



75 by 2012

Elemental is happy to announce a new challenge for our members. Starting August first, we want to challenge you to complete 75 workouts by the end of the year. Get all the workouts done, and you’ll receive an Elemental team hoodie at the end of the year. Not only that, you’re in for a whole host of other goodies along the way. Awards include:

  • Awards for the person completing the most workouts per month
  • Award for first member to reach 75 workouts
  • Bonus awards for all members passing 100 workouts

It’s easy. Simply log your workout details on the Challenge Board at the gym. Your workouts can be anything from dayhikes to triathlons to Yoga classes. They can be as long as an all-day effort or as short as an AirDyne interval session.

Our prizes include:

  • Elemental team hoodies
  • Logo hats and tees
  • Gift certificates that can be used for classes, training, or membership
  • Free membership certificates
  • Gift certificates for local businesses

2011 Wild Iris Mountain Run Results


21 27 52 GLASGOW BEN M 29
19 30 9 SMITH JAKE M 25
13 31 11 AUSTIN ANNE F 47
17 33 53 BATH JERRY M 53
20 36 12 GLASGOW JULIE F 30
11 36 16 MILLER FAYE F 27



238 0 56 56 PULLUM JAMES M 31
229 0 59 36 GRAMLICH DREW M 16
231 1 3 24 SWANSON ROBYN F 34
236 1 6 8 BOERSMA BETH F 29
22 1 7 0 REBER GARTH M 44
232 1 9 38 CALDER JILL F 47
235 1 11 0 THROOP LAUREN F 28
234 1 13 33 AUSTIN JOE M 53
233 1 16 20 CALDER BILL M 54
217 1 23 32 FERGUSON DONNA F 58



444 1 44 52 BROMLEY LUKE M 20
454 1 45 56 CARTWRIGHT GEORGE M 20
437 1 46 21 EDDY TAVIS M 41
447 1 49 28 RUSH MICAH M 32
446 1 54 35 AUSTIN HENRY M 17
445 1 56 56 WILMOT GARY M 44
436 1 58 30 SPAULDING JARED M 33
440 1 59 17 FULLER JOSH M 23
449 2 1 27 KANE SCOTT M 48
450 2 2 54 HUDSON ZACH M 23
452 2 2 58 TRONOLONE CURTIS M 29
439 2 9 4 TILDEN EMILY F 29
435 2 12 5 HURLOCK MATTHEW M 17
438 2 12 15 WILLIAMS JEFF M 38
451 2 23 50 ESPOSITO DEREK M 33
448 2 24 23 RUSH KELLY F 29
441 2 25 6 GARCIA CASSIE F 23
442 2 37 13 ROSS AUDREY F 28
443 2 37 13 ROSS JADON M 28
453 3 40 8 ESPOSITO MONICA F 33