100 Workout Challenge

We are proud to offer the 100 workout challenge again this year. From July 1st through December 31st we challenge our members and training clients to complete 100 workouts! On average you need to complete 4 workouts a week to meet this goal.

We will provide a large scale tracking grid that will be located in the gym for you to track your progress and we encourage a little friendly competition. This challenge is limited to 80 participants, so please make sure to sign up at the front counter of the gym starting on June 15th.

The first person to make it to 100 workouts will receive a nano iPod.

We will also do monthly giveaways drawn at random for those people who are “on track” to meet the 100 workout goal.  If you win a monthly giveaway, you will be rewarded with a free personal training session with your trainer of choice. You are only eligible to win one monthly giveaway throughout this challenge.

Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a t-shirt.

*Trainers and employees are not eligible to participate.