Kill Your Old Cardio Workout


In the old days, we did “cardio.” We thought the “fat-burning zone” really worked, and we wasted a ton of our most precious resource, time, plodding away on cardio machines.

Trainers used to have you do three sets of ten on a half-dozen isolation exercises Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and do an hour of this “cardio” the other days.

This was standard prescription for about 20 years…the same 20 years that the obesity epidemic grew to full-size.

If you get good results, and avoid going bonkers cruising on an elliptical for 60 minutes at a time, read no further. But if you are like me, and two minutes on a treadmill seems like two hours, give this little trick a try:

1.          Get warmed up. I mean warm. Take five minutes, starting at your “fat-burning” zone, and speed up slowly throughout the five minutes until you are at a VERY fast pace near the end.

2.          Stand around for 2 minutes. Get a drink (of water).

3.          Jump on the elliptical, get it going at a medium resistance level, and then race it up to 200 strides per minute for about 30 seconds. Slow down for a minute, and then repeat three more times.

4.          Stand around for 2 moreminutes.

5.          Get on the stair machine, starting at a normal, easy pace.

6.          After you’ve burned 5 calories, increase the level by 1, burn 5 more calories, and repeat until you are no longer on the machine. It shouldn’t take long.

7.          Hit the showers.

This is neither boring nor ineffective. You’ll be done in way less than an hour, will have burned off some of those Thin Mints, and you probably won’t even feel bad about being out of the gym so quickly.