Stay Hungry

“Stay hungry” is one of my favorite sayings. It applies to our athletes in two ways:

First, it tells them to keep from eating too much, that excess intake is just more work down the road. We’re not talking starvation, either. We’re just talking about avoiding huge binges and excess empty calories.

On top of that, You’ve got to stay hungry for your goal. Keep working toward it at all times, no matter what. Keep in the front of your mind how badly you want it and how good you’ll feel when you’ve arrived.

Every athlete gets “flat.” Everyone is tired at the end of the day and everyone breaks. All you’ve got to do is make sure it happens less frequently, and when you can go hard, go all the way.

Is this sugar, Sugar?

Adam Campbell’s “Big Book of Exercises” is a good read, and it’s full of useful things that aren’t exercises, too. A real gem is the list of ways that sugar hides in your food. Trying to get skinny? Rule #1 is to kick sugar out of your nutrition plan. Here’s the list of sugar’s aliases (by no means an exhaustive list):

barley malt

brown rice syrup

corn syrup


evaporated cane juice invert syrup


fruit juice



granular fruit grape juice concentrate

high-fructose corn syrup




maple syrup


organic cane juice