Elemental Off-Season Training for High School and College Athletes

Elemental Off-Season Training
Strength and Conditioning for High School and College Athletes

Once again, Elemental is proud to offer our summertime off-season training to high school and college athletes looking to improve their performance for next year. This year, instead of simply offering our high school group conditioning classes, we are offering a complete training package. Each participating athlete will receive:

  • Full gym access 24/7
  • A detailed strength training plan for each month of the summer
  • Two group training sessions each week tailored to student athletes
  • Full program supervision from our staff of certified coaches

Athletes interested in taking advantage of the full summer program can do so for the low rate of $309. If an athlete wants to participate on a month-to-month basis, the cost is $119 each month. For more information please feel free to call us at 332-0480 or email steve@elementalgym.com

Sessions start June 1st (unless other arrangements are made) and run through the end of August.

2012-04-17 Jake Killebrew

Jake's workout from April 15 2012

One of our favorite athletes is the ever-enthusiastic Jake Killebrew. He’s one of the stronger athletes we’ve seen (I doubt there are too many people who could even contemplate the workout above…) and is purely a product of hard work and drive.

Thanks to All Programming Seminar Participants

We had a great group for our spring programming seminar last Saturday. We covered all aspects of program design, and laid out exactly how Elemental’s programs are built. It was a really dynamic bunch of coaches and athletes, and it was a great honor and pleasure to have you all there.