Is this sugar, Sugar?

Adam Campbell’s “Big Book of Exercises” is a good read, and it’s full of useful things that aren’t exercises, too. A real gem is the list of ways that sugar hides in your food. Trying to get skinny? Rule #1 is to kick sugar out of your nutrition plan. Here’s the list of sugar’s aliases (by no means an exhaustive list):

barley malt

brown rice syrup

corn syrup


evaporated cane juice invert syrup


fruit juice



granular fruit grape juice concentrate

high-fructose corn syrup




maple syrup


organic cane juice




Elemental Winter Bouldering Comp Results


1. Sarah Skinner

2. Nick

3. Hannah Skinner

4. Jake Skinner

5. Richard Ellis

6. Anna Ellis

Women Advanced

1. Sam Kelly

2. Ashley Lloyd

Women’s Intermediate

1. Becca Skinner

2. Katie Rice

Men’s Recreational

1. Joe Ashurst

2. Dustin

3. Rob Pharies

4. Mitchell Fyock

Men’s Intermediate

1. Jacob Killibrew

2. Chancey Headley

3. Cody Headley

4. Aaron Steele

Men’s Advanced

1. David Lloyd

2. Sam Anderson

3. Justin Iskra

Men’s Open

1. CoFro

2. BJ Tilden

3. Chris Marley

4. Micah Rush

So You're Strong, Now What?

Let’s pretend you got last month’s newsletter, and started the 101 workouts immediately. Let’s say you did them three days a week all the way through January, and have now completed the workouts 12-15 times. Imagine how good your base strength would be. Now, we both know that didn’t happen, but it’s pretty to think so, isn’t it?

You probably remember the classic model of doing a strength day three times a week and alternating “cardio” days in for an hour three other times a week. It’s not a bad plan, except that people don’t do it.

Between the new season of “Lost” and all the friending you’ve got to get done, it’s hard to find six extra hours a week to train. This isn’t an article to tell you that people much busier than you can get it done. This is an article to tell you how to get all the training you’ve ever wanted in just 15 minutes a day.

Once you’re good and solid on your Foundation workouts, it’s time to get fit. We’ve found the fastest way to get in top shape is not via alternating cardio with strength, but rather by squishing them together. And instead of taking an hour to do a workout, we squish the same amount of work into sessions of 30 minutes or less. Remember the four minute workout from a few months back?

Unlike most fitness infomercials, this is not easy, it’s not fun, it’s not cheap, and you’ll probably spend a lot of time on the floor. Also unlike most fitness infomercials, results ARE typical.

Try one of these “cardio-strength” workouts. Do them on your off days from lifting. It won’t take long before you understand just how hard you can work. And it won’t take long before you see that work really pay off.



Do each of the following exercises in sequence for ten reps. At the end of the circuit, start again, but do only 9 of each. Continue in this fashion until you do only one of each exercise. Complete circuit A, rest 5 minutes, then do circuit B. On bilateral exercises (i.e. step-ups) complete the prescribed number of exercises on EACH SIDE.

A1: Push-Ups

A2: Jumping Squats

A3: Mountain Climbers

B1: Assisted Pull-Ups

B2: Jump Lunges

B3: Step-Ups



Complexes are groups of exercises done in sequence using the same piece of equipment and load. Exercises are completed back-to-back without putting the weight down. Do complex A with a barbell, Complex B requires only a pair of dumbbells. For both complexes, do 5 rounds of 8 reps per exercise with 60 seconds between rounds.

A1: Push-Press

A2: Front Squat

A3: Hang Clean

A4: Deadlift

A5: Rows

A6: Barbell Roll-Out

B1: Lunges

B2: Curl and Press

B3: Push-Up / Row Combo

B4: Side Lunge