Week 8 – We’ll round out our sugar challenge tips with a quick reminder of all of the great reasons to limit our sugar intake. Check out this article for some great reminders for why continuing with this challenge into the new year is worth it! Go Forward.

Week 7 – We are sure that sugar is not good for us, but sometimes our sweet tooth wins the battle. If there is any doubt in your mind about the detriments of sugar in your diet, check out this article that highlights several experts who have gone to “war” against the substance. Leading the attack is esteemed pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig, whose YouTube video — entitled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” — has garnered more than a quarter of a million hits to date. His arguments are convincing and you may never look at sugar the same. Stay strong. Build good habits. Go forward.

Week 6 – Here in Lander, the downtown lights are up and Christmas shopping is in full swing. Not to mention the holiday sweets that have flooded our lives! For the sugar challenge, James Clear’s aggregation of marginal gains (or losses) rings particularly true.

If you put cinnamon in your coffee instead of sugar, you have limited your sugar intake.

If you have eggs instead of a Pop-tart, you have limited your sugar intake.

If you choose whole grain instead of white bread for your sandwich, you have limited your sugar intake.

If you choose popcorn instead of a cookie (or two), you have limited your sugar intake.

If you skip the mint at dinner, you have limited your sugar intake.

If you have a cup of tea instead of dessert, you have limited your sugar intake.

If one replacement a day is all you can muster, good on you. If two or three is manageable, that is awesome. The bottom line is how can you be 1% better?

Week 5 – If you are doing this challenge, you know that limiting sugar intake is hard. But ever wonder why? Check out this article about why we crave sugar and how it mimics other addictions. Check out this article to explore some ways to deal with the powerful pull of sugar.

Week 4 – Let’s talk a little Thanksgiving strategy. How can you eat less sugar in this sugar-crazed time of year? Check out this article for some great ways of thinking about the choices that you have when faced with oh-so-many sugary desserts this holiday season. Check out this article that explores why we crave sweets after a big meal to help you understand the big picture of your dessert desires. It also seems reasonable that sweets after a meal are desired in place of a palate cleanser. Here are some suggested palate cleansers to replace dessert this Thanksgiving.

  • Apple, lemon, lime or mint sorbet (perhaps still high in sugar, but has very little fat)
  • Sparkling water, with or without a twist of citrus
  • Lightly brewed green, black, or mint tea, with minimal sweetener
  • Celery sticks or fresh tart apples
  • A sprig of parsley
  • Flat water with a twist of citrus

Give it a try. Instead of that piece of pie or cookie, try a palate cleanser instead. 

Continue to develop awareness about why and when you crave sugar. Is it filling some need that can be met in a healthier, more sustainable and rewarding way? 

Week 3 – Choosing healthy replacements can certainly be challenging. Is there a right one? Is one better than another? Is there such a thing as having too many choices? Here are some suggestions for “better” replacements for the sweeteners in our life. Another way to look at this healthy replacement challenge is to look over this list of high fiber foods. You should be aiming for foods with 3 grams of fiber or more per serving. Don’t over-analyze, pick the lesser of the evils. You’ll be proud of your choice. Recognize that this is a journey. Perfection will never be achieved, but progress will prevail.

Week 2 – We know that we should cut back on added sugars but do you have a strategy? As Vince Lombardi pointed out “Hope is not a strategy”. Understanding where your sugar intake comes from in your diet is step number one. Are you addicted to Diet Cherry Coke, sugary cereal in the morning or plain old candy as your go-to snack. Identify where in your diet you falter (or overdo) and then set yourself up with a replacement.  Make a purposeful decision to replace soda with seltzer water and lemon, sugary cereal with homemade oatmeal or granola, snack on nuts and dried fruit instead of candy. Do the work ahead of time and make the right choice the easy choice. Check out this article about reducing added sugars in our diets in a realistic matter-of-fact kind of way.

Week 1 – So, we know that sugar gets a bad wrap, but as a reminder check this out! And why replace with whole grains? Check our WebMD’s take here. We tend to have more success when we don’t think that we are missing out. If we take the position that we have control and choice and embrace those options, we will succeed. So, don’t feel like you are missing out on the sugar covered donut, be proud to have chosen a whole grain muffin or a piece of fruit instead. This is a decision that you can live with! For this challenge, make one “replacement” per day. Once these choices become more natural, you can add more, but keep it simple to start, be proud of your progress and take ownership of your decisions! You got this!

Choose whole grains with at least 3 grams of fiber per serving over sugary treats like cookies, donuts and other highly processed foods.

Why Choose Limit Sugar?
1. You want to lose weight
2. You want to reduce your risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes.
3. You don’t want to get non-alcoholic fatty lever disease.
4. You have a vitamin or mineral deficiency
5. You want to prevent cavities
6. You have a weak immune system.
7. You have inconsistent energy levels or are hyperglycemic
8. You feel anxiety, depression or hyperactivity
9. You have an afternoon “crash” of energy and lack of focus.
10. You don’t want to be addicted to a substance eight times more addictive than cocaine.