I have a membership question, who do I talk to?

Shelby Duncan is our membership manager. You can talk to her about group rates, renewals, and anything else you’d like. Call her at 307-332-0480, or email her here.

These classes sound pretty intense. Can I do them if I haven’t been working out?

For the most part, our classes are scalable to several fitness levels. Some classes progress through 4 or 6 week cycles, so it’s best to start those at the beginning. For specifics on any class feel free to call the gym, or talk to the instructor.

You don’t have many strength machines. How can I get a good workout?

It’s hard to make a solid argument in favor of machine-based strength training. Although we do have a couple of strength machines, the vast majority of our training is ground-based free weight and body weight training. This kind of training has been shown to be safer and more effective than machine-based training.

Although most machines are probably fine to use (despite being ineffective), several of the strength machines popularized in the seventies with Arthur Jones’ Nautilus movement have been shown to be exceedingly risky for exercisers. Machines such as the Leg Extension, the Pec Deck and the Smith Press should never be used. These machines are being pulled out of gyms nationwide due to high incidence of injury.

Do you do CrossFit?

We don’t. In 2005 and 2006 we did a lot of it, but found the results lacking and the programming too random. Most of our athletes are more interested in progressing along specific lines such as fat loss or sports performance, and we found the random and short workouts weren’t right for those goals. Although we offer several high-intensity classes, our coaches attempt to follow progressable plans that aim closer to the specific needs of our athletes.

We have several members that do CrossFit workouts at our facility, however. We are full equipped to handle any WOD, having rings, Concept2 rowers, bumper plates, kettlebells, pull-up bars, med balls, and the like.

Do you have daily use rates?

Yes. Day use rate for the gym is $10 and includes a shower if you’d like. Day use does not include gear rentals.