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At Elemental, we offer several membership options to meet your schedule and fitness needs. All visitors and members are required to sign a waiver which can be completed online by following this link or in person at the gym’s front desk. All NEW memberships begin with a one-time $19 initiation fee.

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We are proud to provide a clean and welcoming atmosphere to our athletes. We offer a fully featured gym including weight machines, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, drive sleds, a wall-mounted Rogue rack system, power racks, a variety of cable machines, a bench press, plyo boxes and plenty of floor space. Our cardio deck includes elliptical trainers, a stairmaster and treadmills. We utilize Airdyne bikes, rowing machines, a SkiErg and training ropes on the main training floor. We also provide a wide variety of medicine balls, physioballs, resistance bands, mats and TRX trainers.
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This class is all about creating stability in the midsection. Much more than crunches, the exercises we do in this session focus on making sure we address low back instability, rotational strength, and building a solid foundation for both strength and endurance exercises. All athletes can benefit from more trunk stability and control, and that’s the name of the game in Core.


In these sessions, we focus on building base strength, power, and conditioning to support our climbing goals. With programming based on the famed Unstoppable Force programming model, we build base fitness over a series of monthly training cycles. We address total body strength, as well as some specific strength and conditioning work in the climbing gym.


Our flagship class, is a progressive class that focuses on developing strength in the major movement patterns. Our primary focus cycles monthly, and each class ends with just enough metabolic conditioning to move our athletes forward without leaving them unnecessarily exhausted the next day.


A pure strength class, we aim to develop higher levels of force in just a few main exercises. Participants are encouraged to keep track of their progress, and the programming is built to allow for year-round progression.


As we start training harder (or start aging!) staying mobile and flexible becomes paramount. In these sessions we’ll focus on improving mobility in the hips and shoulders, and on keeping the back injury-free. We also try to inspire our athletes to keep up this work throughout the week by introducing new exercises and talking about how to scale them to fit even the busiest schedule.


In an ideal world we’d have time to go outside and get a good run or ski in. Many of us lack the time or motivation for that, and that’s where the metabolic classes come in. Each week we offer both a full 50 minute and a shorter 30 minute metabolic training session. These classes feature fast-paced intervals, circuits, and conditioning combinations to make sure you get a lot of hard work done.
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Summer (June – August)

Monday – Friday 7am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 4 pm
Closed: Sunday

Winter (September – May)

Monday – Friday 7am- 9pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm